Guess What The Postman Brought Me This Morning


Finally, A Bright Power Rising is available in paperback. Personally, I feel that it looks splendid. Its 5×8″ (my favorite book size) with cream paper and a matte finish cover. I never imagined that I would know the specifications for my favorite book size or have strong opinions on paper quality and cover finishes, but I do now!

It looks good on the shelf too! It nicely blends in.


My biggest concern was the layout of the maps in the paperback. That was why I hired Polgarus Studio to format the book for Createspace. Not only did Jason and Marina ensure that the maps were perfectly legible, but their layout was better than anything I could have imagined. They did a fantastic job and were worth every cent of their price. I am so glad I sought their help.

The maps are absolutely perfect!


As an aside, I needed both hands to hold the pages open so this picture was actually taken by my nose.

Of course I also have to thank Rob Antonishen for his foresight in his map design. I also have to thank the ever-dependable Marek Purzychi who converted his original design into a paperback cover.

The book is currently available Createspace ( and will be available on Amazon in five to seven days.

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