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Long ago, magic cracked apart the world and suspended great continents between two suns. But the ebb and flow of human history continues. Trade and war cross the void on dragon wings. Great empires rise and topple

As the rightful heir to one such fallen state, Drinith has known only exile, dashed hope, and constant threat. She has so far eluded the murderous intentions of the tyrant Magian the Infinite thanks to the prophetic visions of the oracle, Quiescat, but his power is failing. All he can glimpse in the future now is his own death.

An assassin’s blade forces her into a desperate gamble. She takes her one final chance to secure the ally she so desperately needs. But at the end of her journey, she’ll find deceit, betrayal, and murder. And she’ll learn Magian isn’t the only threat to her people.

Fatal Shadow is the first of six books in the Champions of Fate epic fantasy series for those readers who enjoy fast-paced action, intriguing characters, and imaginative world-building.

Wishing Shelf Award Finalist (2021)

The ebook (Amazon only) and paperback are available HERE. Check out the prequel short story No Escape.



A lie made Drinith one of Gyre’s rulers. It secured the city state’s support against her enemy, the tyrant Magian the Infinite. Now it threatens to destroy her.

Drinith voyages to Gyre’s bitterest rival, Ophigee, to convince its rulers to join the fight against Magian. But her audience with her hosts turns into an ambush.

Quick thinking wins her a reprieve from the execution block, but the route to salvation may well prove more treacherous than anything she has faced before. Everyone who attempts the journey she must undertake vanishes without trace. Can she succeed where they failed and uncover the secret that threatens not only Ophigee but her adopted homeland?

The ebook (Amazon only) and paperback are available HERE



Elf. Warrior. Saint. Heretic. Monster. Despised by two peoples, this pariah might yet prove to be the savior of both.

AscendantSun serves a dead god no longer. Adopting the religion of his human enemies, he haunts their mountains hoping to make amends for his past violence toward them. Now, a figure from his past threatens to restart the ancient conflict he has struggled so long to put behind him.

War is coming again to the mountains, but this time he’ll fight the legionaries he once commanded. Prophecy is against him. Numbers, too. But the greatest peril is the distrust of his human allies. Can he forge an effective alliance before the bright power rising in the east destroys them?

A Bright Power Rising is the first volume of The Golden Rule, a two-part epic fantasy for readers who enjoy unique and intriguing world-building.

B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree

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Check out the prequel short story The Parting Gift.



AscendantSun has spilt the blood of his own kind. He has chosen his side. There’s no going back.

The burgeoning ambition of his fickle ally, Gascarp Torp, is as deadly as the invaders swarming through the mountains, but AscendantSun still dreams of stemming the invasion.  The key is the fort at Cliffringden. If he can capture it, he can feed his allies through the winter and drive back the Harbinger’s legions for another year.

As he sets his plan in motion, forces already conspire to turn the fort into a trap. Unbeknownst to him, a terrible, new threat looms beyond the mountains as another of the Harbinger’s prophecies comes to fruition. The blood-thirsty god AscendantSun spurned is about to be reborn.

The Unconquered Sun is the second volume of The Golden Rule, a two-part epic fantasy for readers who enjoy unique and intriguing world-building.

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A short story set in the same world as A Bright Power Rising and The Unconquered Sun.

Certamen’s god is dead. His people, the Ors, are broken and enslaved. He finds consolation in the knowledge that they are safe… But not for much longer. Their masters, facing decimation by disease, are growing desperate. Desperate enough to kill.

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A desperate warrior carries a baby girl across a foreign desert. Although truth and honor are tattooed on his cheeks, Tharo has abandoned both virtues in his quest to protect his charge. But it’s only a matter of time before he fails her. Another man stalks them, a hunter no prey can escape, the dreaded Souldiviner.

Prequel to Fatal Shadow.

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A five thousand word short story where the quill proves to be more dangerous than any sword.

The genealogist Draston is charged with the impossible. His master, Hamvok the Merciful, craves a royal ancestor or two to legitimize his tyranny. But every avenue of Draston’s research comes to a dead end. Nobility has never sneezed on Hamvok’s ancestors, much less married into them. And now Draston’s time has run out.
To save himself from Hamvok’s violent displeasure, Draston promises to prove the tyrant is descended from a god. In doing so, he commits himself to a path of forgery and sacrilege. His enterprise will risk the wrath of gods. But, far worse, it will draw him to a shadowy figure more terrible than all the gods combined, the Fate Healer.

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Four short stories about aliens ranging from humorous to deadly somber.

The Trial of H.G. Wells

Death is but the beginning of H.G.’s problems as he is whisked into the future to face the wrath of one of his creations. But will he find justice there, too?

Peace At Last

Being Earth’s ambassador to the enlightened Kefloins is the pinnacle of Gwen Bomford’s career, but she’s about to learn something stinks on their planet when they turn to her to resolve their greatest shame. Is she and her team up to the task?

The Chosen One

The fate of Humanity lies in the hands of the most isolated human in its history. Espero was born to make first contact with the enigmatic alien Zoxies. He has lived his life on a space station cut off from all human contact in a bid to keep him free of microbial contamination. But the choice to be a hero or a villain still lies in his grasp.

The Tourist

Jane is the Earth’s first tour guide for aliens, but unfortunately, the planet’s first extra-terrestrial tourist also proves to be its most obnoxious ever. Every wonder she shows the blue slime, Glughokal, leaves him underwhelmed. Somehow, she must impress him before he departs and leaves Earth’s budding xenotourism industry in ruins.

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Dr. Herbert Marriott has a problem that only murder can solve. Luckily for him, the perfect weapon is locked away in his rundown museum, one too incredible for any court to accept. The cursed chair kills all who rest upon it. But will Herbert’s victim be so easily drawn to her fate?

A four and half thousand word short story.

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Laura is Ger’s last hope. His hoarding has ruined the lives of his neighbors and now threatens his own. As Laura and her team prepare to clean out his property under the glare of cameras, she is unaware that a sinister secret lies buried beneath the morass of junk, a dark truth waiting to kill her.

A six-thousand-word short story available on Amazon.


Derek lost his wife and his child. Now he may well be losing his mind. A 2.5 thousand word horror story.

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