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Guess What The Postman Brought Me This Morning


Finally, A Bright Power Rising is available in paperback. Personally, I feel that it looks splendid. Its 5×8″ (my favorite book size) with cream paper and a matte finish cover. I never imagined that I would know the specifications for my favorite book size or have strong opinions on paper quality and cover finishes, but I do now!

It looks good on the shelf too! It nicely blends in.


My biggest concern was the layout of the maps in the paperback. That was why I hired Polgarus Studio to format the book for Createspace. Not only did Jason and Marina ensure that the maps were perfectly legible, but their layout was better than anything I could have imagined. They did a fantastic job and were worth every cent of their price. I am so glad I sought their help.

The maps are absolutely perfect!


As an aside, I needed both hands to hold the pages open so this picture was actually taken by my nose.

Of course I also have to thank Rob Antonishen for his foresight in his map design. I also have to thank the ever-dependable Marek Purzychi who converted his original design into a paperback cover.

The book is currently available Createspace (https://www.createspace.com/4764841) and will be available on Amazon in five to seven days.

The Map of the Stretches is Up!

The map of the Stretches by Rob Antonishen (http://www.cartocopia.com/) is finished. (Click the image to enlarge.)


Rob Antonishen did a fantastic job turning my scribbles into a gorgeous map. He faced several challenges. With such mountainous terrain, the detail of the Stretcher villages and monasteries and the rivers could have been so easily been lost. The area in the centre of the Stretches is particularly congested with detail (it has to be to fit the story). Rob was able to overcome all obstacles without in any way sacrificing my vision. Thanks Rob!

This map and the map for Sunrest can be found at https://photocosm.org/elysion-maps/