The Book of Seven Lights

This is the Sable creation myth. Of course, the Ors have no such myth. They deal in memory.




The Dark Light, Solanum, slept in a timeless, blissful night. As he slumbered, he dreamed, and his dreams flowered into lights of many colors. Most brought him pleasure, but one so disgusted him he vomited it from his body. Thus, the Purple Light, Amaranth, entered the void beyond the night. Enraged by his expulsion, only cowardice prevented Amaranth from attempting to strangle his sleeping creator.

The disappearance of one light piqued another’s curiosity. Desiring to learn Amaranth’s fate, the Blue Light, Zaffre, peered through Solanum’s nose at the emptiness beyond. Frustrated by his restricted view, he melted and flowed into a nostril. His presence irritated the Dark Light’s nose, causing it to convulse in a great sneeze that propelled him into the void. Terrified, Amaranth cowered before him. Seeing Solanum insensate and the Purple Light whimpering pathetically before him, Zaffre could not contain his mirth. His laughter goaded Amaranth into a rage. Forgetting his fear, he attacked the newcomer. Long did they wrestle, but neither could the better of the other.

The White Light, Dhalion, also wondered about the Purple Light’s fate. He slipped inside one of Solanum’s eyes, hoping to peek outside. He lacked the strength to lift Solanum’s heavy eyelid and trapped himself inside the pupil. Panic quickly turned to frustration and anger. He transformed himself into an icy flame that seared the Dark Light’s eye, causing it to shed a single tear. Entering the teardrop, Dhalion rolled down Solanum’s cheek. He landed on top of Amaranth and Zaffre. Furious, they set upon him, embroiling the hapless Dhalion in their melee.

The Golden Light within Solanum, Aurelian, heard their commotion. He followed the sound to the Dark Light’s ear but found the passage blocked with wax. Undeterred, he turned into a brilliant fire and burned his way through to the void. The three fighting Lights paused their combat to behold the golden figure blazing above them. Aurelian, seeing the others looking haggard and grim below, grew proud. He demanded they bow to him, but they pulled him down and set upon him.

And so, four Lights now battled, while Solanum slumbered. The combatants stumbled over the Black Light and collapsed on top of him. Waking, Solanum found himself buried under a pile of writhing lights and fought to free himself.

Thus, the first day began. The five warring Lights filled it with chaos, clashing and crashing and thrashing each other, destroying as they created, creating as they destroyed.

The battle continued through immeasurable time until the exhausted Lights agreed to a truce and the second night covered the world.