Ten Reasons Why The Golden Rule Is Going To Be A Duology

(1) The story is too long for one book and too short for three.

(2) Because it is two volumes, it can’t suffer from middle book syndrome.

(3) I like succinctness.

(4) If it was one volume, the paper copy would have such a wide spine, it might be mistaken for an accordion.

(5) Empty shelf space in my house is limited.

(6) At the moment, each volume has a beginning, a middle and an end. If there were three volumes, the first volume would have a beginning and a middle, the second volume would have an end followed by a beginning (really problematic), and the last volume would have a middle and an end, but no beginning.

(7) Almost everyone writes big, fat fantasy books in three volumes. I like to be different by err…writing them in two volumes.

(8) In a multi-volume series, some concepts might have to be explained in each volume. I hate repeating myself more than once.

(9) I could only think of good titles for the series and two books.

(10) Anyone who reads the books will understand that two is the ideal number concerning any story involving Ors.


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