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News Of A New Short Story & A Cover Choice Poll

First bit of news is that I have finished the current round of edits of The Unconquered Sun and it’s back again with my editor. Before The Unconquered Sun is released, I will be publishing a short story set in the same world called The Parting Gift. The draft blurb is below:

Certamen’s god is dead. His people, the Ors, are broken and enslaved. He finds consolation in the knowledge that they are safe… But not for much longer. Their masters, facing decimation by disease, are growing desperate. Desperate enough to kill.

I have a choice of covers for it so I am running a poll to decide which cover is the most popular.  Please vote HERE!

Cover Reveal: The Unconquered Sun

I just received a round of edits of The Unconquered Sun, resulting in the usual array of vowel sounds (ooh, eh? ah, aha, etc), followed by cracking knuckles and feverish typing. The release date will be confirmed when the book is more advanced through the editing process. In the meantime, to wet your appetites, below is the cover, again by Marek Purzychi. It matches pretty well with the cover for A Bright Power Rising. I was a bit queasy about moving my name further up the cover, Frankly, if the Golden Rule was a trilogy, I wouldn’t have agreed to it. But I think it captures the Sol Invictus motif spectacularly.  Hopefully, what will be behind the cover will be as good.


In other news, the short story which will hopefully be released before The Unconquered Sun has also been submitted for editing. More details on it shortly.

Progress Update

The Unconquered Sun is currently in editing. I finished my last pre-edit draft a bit later than I expected. The release date will not be finalized until the editing process is sufficiently advanced. However, I will reveal the book’s cover next month. I also have written a short story set in the Photocosm. It takes place before the main story in A Bright Power Rising/The Unconquered Sun.

A Bright Power Rising is now available on Kindle Unlimited. It will be free on Amazon from 23rd-25th April. Do check it out!

The Real Unconquered Sun


This image might remind you a little of the Statue of Liberty.  However, it is in fact a roman sun god by the name of Sol Invictus, sometimes translated as the Unconquered Sun.  His worship was popularlised in the third century by the emperor Aurelian.

At the time that Aurelian took over the Roman Empire, it was in decline due to civil wars and poor leadership. In the west, part had broken away to form the Gallic Empire, while several of the eastern provinces had become the Palmyrene Empire.  Barbarians were pouring what was left.  Things were looking pretty bad.

Aurelian reversed the decline, reunited the empire and dealt with the barbarian threat. He was a zealous reformer. He also encouraged all the people of the empire to follow one god, Sol Invictus, in a manner very similar to Constantine The Great’s later adoption of Christianity. Indeed, it is interesting that Sol Invictus is found on roman coinage until then.

We will never know what might have happened to the Roman Empire, if Aurelian had survived longer to consolidate popular devotion to his religion. He died violently as so many emperors before him. A strict disciplinarian, he engendered terrible fear among his subordinates. He even looks severe in many of his surviving images. In the end, it cost him his life. A secretary, fearing terrible punishment for a small lie, concocted a greater lie to save himself.  He convinced other officials that the emperor intended to have them executed, so they struck against Aurelian first, and the rest is, as they say, history.


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