2021 In Review

It’s time for a look back over the progress last year.

(1) I published Fatal Shadow on Amazon, the first book in the Champions of Fate Epic Fantasy series. Despite a less than successful launch, it has come good. Reviews/ratings are trickling in and most people seemed to have enjoyed it.

(2) I published Hoard, a horror short story on Amazon. This was originally written for the newsletter at Halloween and given away free to its subscribers before its official release.

(3) Through Ingram Spark, I expanded the availability of the paperbacks of The Golden Rule series (A Bright Power Rising/The Unconquered Sun/The Parting Gift) and also No Escape. This was largely because the titles were appearing on many on-line retailers but weren’t available. I also sorted out related issues on these sites where the book covers were missing or showed old covers.

(5) I published a background/history of The Golden Rule series in the newsletter and my website.

(6) Fatal Shadow’s sequel, Greater Evil, is finished except for a final proofread. I plan to publish it in February.

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