I Will Be A Guest On The Read\Write Show




I will be interviewed on the first episode of Ronel van Tonder’s Read\Write podcast on 30th January. I can’t remember what I said, but, hopefully, it was entertaining. As part of the show, I had to record a reading of the first chapter. The experience has given me a healthy respect for voice artists. Though I have been complimented on my effort, I think I’ll stick to writing! I had to give the characters different voices to differentiate their dialogue. They didn’t sound quite like they do in my head. Hackit for example talks with a slur, but I thought it might make him incomprehensible on the recording so I used a gravely voice for him instead.

Anyway, if you are interested in listening to the show, subscribing, or if you want to participate (Ronel is looking for readers as well as writers), then click here. Alternatively, the show’s twitter account is https://twitter.com/readwrite_show.


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