The Last Innocent by K. Chrisbacher

TheLastInnocentCoverweb (4)

The Last Innocent is a well-written angelic fantasy adventure. Sarah, the heroine, is a likeable character. I liked the way her strong willed nature acted sometimes as a weakness, sometimes as a strength. David is her guardian angel who must protect her from demonic forces, but his powers have their limitations. They inhabit a detailed, well-considered world which Chrisbacker gradually reveals one piece at a time, predominantly through the eyes of the main character (though her angel is also a key pov). A lot of biblical, mythical and historical references are deftly weaved into the story without weighing down the story.
The writing is crisp. The book is well plotted. There are plenty of surprises along the way. Though the ending leaves a few unanswered questions for a sequel, the main focus of the book is resolved satisfactorily.
I received a free copy for an honest review. You can learn more about K. Chrisbacher and her books at

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