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A Princess of Mars By Edgar Rice Burroughs



John Carter, a veteran of the American Civil War is prospecting for gold when he and his partner encounter Apaches. He escapes them by entering a sacred cave but immediately succumbs to a strange drowsiness. When he wakes up, he’s on Mars, a dying world known to the locals as Barsoom. There, he is a kind of a Superman in reverse, with super strength and super agility, able to leap a thoat (10 feet high green horse) in a single bound, etc. He encounters a tribe of fearsome six armed green humanoids led by Tars Tarkas. They capture a Red Martian princess, Dejah Thoris, whom John Carter spends much of the novel trying to protect.

Mars is a dying world where, surprisingly, the megafauna are the last to go. The Green Martians feel alien, the Red Martians less so. It’s a world where everyone is constantly at war but the survival of all life on the planet hinges on two guys running a single atmosphere plant. It’s morally uncomplicated world or rather John Carter sees it as such. All in all, it’s best enjoyed by following his example and adopting the attitude of when on Mars. The most important lesson from it is don’t mess with his princess!

The Fate Healer


I have published a new short story, The Fate Healer, on Amazon.

The genealogist Draston is charged with the impossible. His master, Hamvok the Merciful, craves a royal ancestor or two to legitimize his tyranny. But every avenue of Draston’s research comes to a dead end. Nobility has never sneezed on Hamvok’s ancestors, much less married into them. And now Draston’s time has run out.
To save himself from Hamvok’s violent displeasure, Draston promises to prove the tyrant is descended from a god. In doing so, he commits himself to a path of forgery and sacrilege. His enterprise will risk the wrath of gods. But, far worse, it will draw him to a shadowy figure more terrible than all the gods combined, the Fate Healer.

The cover was supplied by The Cover Collection. Here’s something that may interest those interested in typography. The H is a different font from the rest of the title as the original H looked too much like a small h. The change really suits the theme. 🙂