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Emergence By Nick M. Lloyd


The Gadium Emergence Committee ‘manages’ the transformation of other planets to a higher evolutionary state. When a group inspired by a survivor of a car crash threatens to discover this process too early, the team assigned to manage the Earth’s ‘emergence’ has to try to stop them. To further complicate things, another faction on Gadium is bent on perverting the process.

It took a few chapters to grip me, but once it did, I couldn’t put it down.

The book is reminiscent of the Culture Novels in that it involves a clash between the Earth and a far more advanced Alien society. At the start, some of the early conversations on Gadium were a bit opaque, but as the story unfurls, its society and its political shenanigans flesh out in a satisfying way. In the meantime the antics of Louise, Jeff and Mike kept my interest. They were engaging, believable characters.

The names of the some of the aliens were peculiarly human. Some terms like beta, alpha and triple alpha were never explained fully though their general meaning are relatively easy to infer. However, these minor quibbles didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the book.

Review of Jupiter Ascending

I have a confession to make. I really enjoyed Jupiter Ascending. So much, I actually went to see it twice.  About half an hour into the second viewing I thought “Oh Oh. This is too soon to watch it again.” But, then I got into it again, and a lot of subtleties I missed the first time kept me entertained.

The visuals are epic, and, at least, the film tries to explore serious themes. It isn’t simply another case of “chase the mysterious mcguffin that could blow up the universe” (not that I don’t enjoy that sort of stuff). The concepts in it are no more outlandish than human-powered civilization of machines or a mysterious force manipulated by a chosen few or a spice being key to interstellar travel.

Some reviews dismissed the idea of genetically spliced individuals. I find that strange when, for example, spider goats are already a real thing.

I loved the way so many alien conspiracy theories are worked into the story such as the grays, crop circles, etc. It added an extra layer to the film. I also enjoyed the references to other films such as Flash Gordon. However, beneath this is another more philosophical layer which is well worth exploring.

Jupiter is an interesting character in that, except for her genetic make-up, she is simply a normal human being. She has no special superpowers. In fact, she is quite naive. I thought the implications for the god-like Abrasax family were interesting.

All in all, I think if you watch this film with an open mind, you will find some interesting stuff here.

Oh, and the soundtrack is excellent.

Updated Cover For A Bright Power Rising.

A Bright Power Rising has a new cover! The image remains the same but the titling has been updated to better fit with the cover of The Unconquered Sun.


The cover is already up on Amazon.  The paperback will be available from Createspace by the end of the week, hopefully.

I know that having a series matching is important to many people so anybody who purchased/received the paperback/ebook with the old cover please feel free to contact me at