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Two Steps From Hell

When I am in the mood for music while I am writing, I often turn to classical music or movie soundtracks. However, Two Steps To Hell dominates my favorite playlist. They are an American music production company. Their music is used on many film, trailer, video game and television soundtracks. You also will hear their music on advertisements. It is very dramatic, powerful music, ideal for writing battle scenes. My favorite albums are Invincible, Archangel and SkyWorld. If you want to learn more about them, check out their website.

Burren Tolkien Society Festival



The Burren Tolkien Society is holding their second festival from 15th to 24th of August 2014. They will be having lectures, debates, readings (including one at the Poll na gColm cave system), guided tours of the Burren, and lots of other events, so if you are in the area you might like to check it out. More details of events and Tolkien’s association with the Burren can be found at

The Last Innocent by K. Chrisbacher

TheLastInnocentCoverweb (4)

The Last Innocent is a well-written angelic fantasy adventure. Sarah, the heroine, is a likeable character. I liked the way her strong willed nature acted sometimes as a weakness, sometimes as a strength. David is her guardian angel who must protect her from demonic forces, but his powers have their limitations. They inhabit a detailed, well-considered world which Chrisbacker gradually reveals one piece at a time, predominantly through the eyes of the main character (though her angel is also a key pov). A lot of biblical, mythical and historical references are deftly weaved into the story without weighing down the story.
The writing is crisp. The book is well plotted. There are plenty of surprises along the way. Though the ending leaves a few unanswered questions for a sequel, the main focus of the book is resolved satisfactorily.
I received a free copy for an honest review. You can learn more about K. Chrisbacher and her books at

Cattle In Ancient Ireland by A.T. Lucas



Normally, I like to include a picture of the cover, but this book’s cover is not exactly inspiring – grey, and lined in blue like a copybook. It’s what is within the covers that makes it special. Ever read The Táin and was curious about its historical background? Cattle In Ancient Ireland examines the pivotal role that cattle raiding, and cattle in general, played in ancient Irish society, Cows were prized possessions, a measure of a man’s wealth. The book contains lots of fascinating details like mourning cows, cows in payment for poems, cow-blowing, cows in erics and fines, and the drawing of blood from living cows for food. Cattle raiding was such an accepted custom that new kings raided their people’s enemies to prove their worthiness.

The book appears to be out of print, but anyone who is interested in Celtic history, or history in general, would enjoy this book if they managed to find a copy.

ISBN 0-86314-146-3

photo credit: publicenergy via photopin cc